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Straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts made easy

  • Rip, cross cut, and make angled cuts up to 1220mm long in plywood, MDF, and panels
  • Simply align the Guide Track with your marks to make accurate cuts
  • Hold track in place without clamps thanks to anti-slip guide strips
  • Prevent splintering with anti-chip strips that support material during the cut
  • Begin cuts easily with a Starting Block that the supports saw and allows normal blade guard operation
  • Mount almost any circular saw—left or right blade—to the Universal Sled
  • Universal Sled is compatible with the Kreg Rip-Cut
  • Take your saw to the material instead of having to take your material to the saw
Includes (1) Universal Saw Sled,
(2) 26.5″ Aluminum Guide Tracks,
(2) Track Connectors,
(1) Starting Block,
(1) Track Indicator Clip, detailed setup and usage instructions


Guide Track Aircraft-quality aluminum with dual anti-chip, anti-slip guide strips
Saw Sled Accepts left- and right-blade saws
Built-in indexing stop and precision cursor
Cut Length Maximum 48″ (1220mm)

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